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Dick Thomas Awards FAQ

About the Competition and Award

  1. What is the Richard ‘Dick’ Thomas Memorial Student Presentation Competition & Award?
  2. What is the intent of the Dick Thomas Competition?
  3.  What is the objective of the Dick Thomas Competition?
  4. How many parts does the competition have?
  5. Who can enter?
  6. Can multiple presenters participate?
  7. How many presenters can be in a group?
  8. Who is the contact presenter?
  9. Should projects be the students’ original work?
  10. Can the project be a school project or supervised by the students’ adviser or professor?
  11. What academic program can the students be enrolled in?
  12. Can students enrolled in an online degree program enter?
  13. What should projects relate to?
  14. What subjects should projects apply to?
  15. What topics can be entered?
  16. What must entries include?


  1. What are the prizes for the Dick Thomas Competition?
  2. Is there a prize for the advisor or professor of the first place winner?
  3. How are prizes distributed to group members?
  4. Will presenters earn points toward their GISPs?


  1. How will abstracts be chosen to present at the competition?
  2. What information will I need to provide to submit my abstract?
  3. Are there any words of wisdom on how to improve my abstract?
  4. What is the deadline to submit abstracts?
  5. Who will review the abstracts?
  6. When will entrants be notified of their acceptance to present at the Conference?
  7. Where can I submit my abstract?


  1. Must all presenters register for the Conference in order to present their work?
  2. How do presenters register for the Conference?
  3. Can student advisers or professors attend the presentations?
  4. Can non-Conference attendees attend the presentations?

The Presentation Session

  1. When will students present their papers at the 2014 Washington GIS Conference?
  2. How long is the presentation session?
  3. Will a laptop and projector be available?
  4. Will internet access be available?
  5. Do I need to bring a PDF copy of my presentation to the presentation session?
  6. Are there any words of wisdom on how to improve my presentation?

Judging Criteria

  1. What are the criteria used to judge the competition?

Previous Winners

  1. Where can I find the abstracts of previous years’ winners?
  2. Where can I find the papers of previous years’ winners?

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